Having grown up in the Netherlands and with a Master degree in visual art and design from Hogeschool voor de Kunsten,  Armin Dröge is an experienced visual artist. His work has been seen at various scenes and museums in Europe and is part of the collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam amongst others. Today Dröges Art practice is based in Stockholm, from where he produces work with large format digital cameras and traditional paint- and print techniques.

Dröges work can be seen to represent the overwhelming daily impressions, images and information which constantly flood our senses. By exploring the lines between the Internet, the digital screen, the art of photography, and by using composite digital collages and techniques, he creates an unstable visual which urges thought and personal interpretation. Perhaps I will never know exactly what it is that I’m looking at – a thought which I find pleases me. The strength of Dröges work is found in the intangible, in that which provokes thought and which continues to surprise the spectator.  
Susanne Fessé, Curator, Art historian
Member of SKF, Swedish Artist Society, Konstnärshuset.
Member of CFF, Centrum of Photography.
1996 Amsterdam fund for the Arts.
1997 Amsterdam fund for the Arts.
1998 The Netherlands film fund.
Waldorf school, Zeist, The Netherlands.
Hogeschool voor de kunsten, The Netherlands. Faculty Art, Media and Technology.
Commercial film maker Amsterdam.
Producer Director MTV networks London.
Consultant and corporate film maker Stockholm.